hubgrep.lib.search_form module

Value-object for HubGreps main search form.

Note: Not the actual HTML form, which can be found in - ‘hubgrep/frontend_blueprint/templates/components/search_form/search_form.html’


alias of hubgrep.lib.search_form.checkbox

class hubgrep.lib.search_form.SearchForm(search_phrase: Optional[str] = None, exclude_service_checkboxes: Optional[List[hubgrep.lib.search_form.checkbox]] = None, exclude_forks: bool = False, exclude_archived: bool = False, created_after: Optional[str] = None, created_before: Optional[str] = None, updated_after: Optional[str] = None, created_after_dt: Optional[datetime.datetime] = None, created_before_dt: Optional[datetime.datetime] = None, updated_after_dt: Optional[datetime.datetime] = None)

Bases: object

Input-fields relate to either a repository property or a hosting-service where they a found.

created_after: str
created_after_dt: datetime.datetime
created_before: str
created_before_dt: datetime.datetime
exclude_archived: bool
exclude_forks: bool
exclude_service_checkboxes: [<class ‘hubgrep.lib.search_form.checkbox’>]
static get_form_datetime_in_utc(date: str, date_format: str = '%Y-%m-%d')

Normalize dates into UTC.

  • date – string - date

  • date_format – string - parsing format, such as “%Y-%m-%d”

static get_request_service_checkboxes(){}

Create a checkbox for each hosting-service registered on the current HubGrep instance.

search_phrase: str
updated_after: str
updated_after_dt: datetime.datetime