hubgrep.lib.cached_session.cached_response module

A CachedResponse is a wrapper for requests.Response, for serialization and caching.

class hubgrep.lib.cached_session.cached_response.CachedResponse(url, success, status_code, response_json, error_msg)

Bases: object

Wrapper class for cached responses.

url -

url this request was made to

success -

True, if status_code was 2XX

status_code -

http status code of the response. will be -1 if an exception was thrown, and we didnt get a status code.

response_json -

dict from the response json data

error_msg -

http error message, if we had a response code, otherwise the exception text

static from_exception(url, exception)hubgrep.lib.cached_session.cached_response.CachedResponse

Create a CachedResponse object from an exception message.

static from_response(response: requests.models.Response)hubgrep.lib.cached_session.cached_response.CachedResponse

Create a CachedResponse object from a request.Response.

static from_serialized(data: str)hubgrep.lib.cached_session.cached_response.CachedResponse

Create a CachedResponse object from serialized CachedResponse.


Serialize this CachedResponse.